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CBD for Pain Managment and Inflamation

CBD for Pain Managment and Inflamation

My Experience with CBD Oil

Before I talk CBD for pain and inflammation and tell about the guy I met who told me that CBD Oil had eased his pain by 70%, I want to give you some background on me first.  

Like most people, I was a little bit sceptical about CBD Oil and its many benefits. So I decided to take the plunge and try it for myself.

I didn't know what I was trying it for as I don't really suffer from any ailments or pains but I do have a busy life like most people. In the end, I did decide to try it. I wanted to know if it made any difference to my overall well being. 

I took 3-4 drops morning and night. At first, I didn't really notice anything, but within a few days I started to feel more relaxed, I found myself dealing with stressful situations at work and home much more rationally.

My CBD Experiment 

This piqued my interest in CBD Oil and I decided that I would make it my mission for the next few weeks or so to speak to as many people as possible that used CBD Oil. I asked them three questions:

1. Why they took CBD Oil?

2. How they took it?

3. What if any benefits they experienced from taking CBD Oil.

My findings were overwhelming.

95% of the feedback was positive. People told me that they used it for anxiety, stress, depression. Even conditions like Crohns, Diabetes, COPD and cancer.

CBD for pain and inflammation

I met one individual called Jason. He told me that he had tried CBD Oil because he suffers from constant muscle pain and inflammation. 

This is his story

It was was when I injured my back that I saw the benefits of CBD Oil for Pain and Inflammation for myself.

I practice martial arts and had a bad fall last Christmas whilst training. I damaged my lower back.

It was very difficult to walk and I was pretty much bedridden. One of my family suggested I tried CBD Oil as they had heard about it in the news. 

Being an active person I was like a caged animal stuck in my bed. I decided it couldn't harm to give it a try.

I ordered some Loveburgh 600mg Full Spectrum CBD oil and gave it a go.

I took 4 drops in the morning, noon and night.

What happened next was pretty amazing. The pain eased by a good 70% and within a few days, I was back on my feet.

I'm not suggesting that CBD Oil is a miracle cure, my back still hurts and I have to see a specialist as I have sciatica in my left leg. What CBD Oil did was help me get back on my feet and that was half the battle.

Psychologically this was a big turning point in my recovery. 

I am now back in training which I love and I vape the CBD oil which gives me instant comfort with my Sciatica.

How to begin your CBD Journey

My story is only one example of is only one example of the positive experiences people have had when they buy CBD oil and give it a go. 

Since my injury, I have met many people in person and online that have similar stories to mine. 

Before you do rush out and buy CBD oil there are a couple of considerations I would urge you to make.

1. With so many products on the market, it's important to do your research I recommend CBDTV is a great resource for the latest news on CBD Oil. 

2. As with most things not all the products out there are created equal. I have come across a couple that just didn't work. The best Oil I have found is the Loveburgh brand as it is a clean organic full spectrum CBD Oil.

CBD oil worked for me. I'm going to say the same to you as I tell my family and friends. Try it! You never know... It could change your life. 


Have you had a positive experience with CBD Oil?

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