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CBD for Pain Managment and Inflamation

CBD for Pain Managment and Inflamation

CBD The Success Story So Far. …

Like most people at first I was a little bit skeptical about CBD Oil and its many benefits. So I decided to take the plunge and try it for myself. I didn't know what I was trying it for as I don't really suffer from any ailments, pains, however I did decide to try it and see if it made any difference in my well being. So I tried it. I took 3-4 drops morning and night. I didn't really feel any different, within myself but I did feel more chilled, not as stressed when faced with a stressful situation. So I made it my mission for the next week to speak to as many people as possible that had tried CBD Oil, when they took, how often they took it and what benefits did they receive from the Oil.

95% of the feedback was very positive. People told me that they used it for pain relief, inflammation problems, anxieties, stress, depression. People told me used it for Crohns, Diabetes, COPD and even in some cases cancer. 

It was was when I injured my back that I saw the benefits for myself. I practice martial arts and had a bad fall last Christmas whilst training and damaged my lower back. I couldn't walk for a week and was bed ridden. This was the perfect situation to see if this CBD oil really works. I got some Loveburgh 600mg Full Spectrum CBD oil and started to take it again. I took 4 drops morning, noon and night. What happened next was nothing but a miracle for me. The pain eased by a good 70% and within 2 days I was back on my feet. Yes my back still hurt but no where near the amount of pain that was before CBD. My back is now 90% better, I have to go see a back specialist though as I have sciatica down my left leg. I now vape the CBD oil which gives me instant comfort with my Sciatica. I am now back in Training because of CBD and when sciatica attacks I attack it back with CBD Oil.

So for me I know it works as a pain relief supplement and an anti-inflammatory.

Not only that i feel less stresful when faced with a stresful situation, and my skin feels fresh and softer too.

We have received many emails thanking us for the products with many success stories to share, which I will be doing over the coming weeks. With many products on the market its important to do yor research, Holland and Barrat are the hosewhole name to bring CBD Oil to the mainstream market. The best Oil i have found is the Loveburgh brand as it is a clean organic full spectrum CBD Oil.

To summariese CBD Oil

“Try it for yourself and see the benefits, it works for me"


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