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CBD - Nano Shot


The Nano CBD enhancer is ideal for mixing with your E-Liquids.

Contents: VG – 60% / PG – 30% / Nano Solution (CBD) / 10% Full Spectrum Terpenes

None Phycoactive (No THC)

Simply add the contents to a 50ml bottle of E-Liquid, Shake and then vape away.



The CBD Pro Shot is Perfect for people that are active and do a lot of training, It can help towards recovery as the Worlds Strongest Man Eddie Hall will testify. One of the first CBD products on the market for the fitness Industry. Its simple and easy to use, one squirt into a drink and your ready to go.

Each shot is around 25mg of CBD, just simply squeeze into a drink for a second and you are ready to go. The CBD pro shot is fantastic to help towards your recovery after a grueling work out.

With 25 concentrated servings CBD Pro Shot of Full Spectrum Terpenes is one of the best CBD products for the sport industry in Europe.

Contents; Water Soluble, CBD, Full Spectrum Terpenes, Water (Purified)