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CBD Paste

Our raw CBD paste is a 100% hemp extract product, refined from just the hemp flower. At 10% CBD, this hemp paste is great for both newcomers who are serious about getting the maximum benefit from their CBD intake as well as users who have moved up to a higher concentration product from other oils or CBD pastes. Containing CBD, CBDa, CBG, trace levels of CBC as well as other organic plant terpenes, if your current health regime demands a high quality product with an abundance of Cannabinoids, then this CBD extract paste is for you!

CBD Paste

RAW 10% CBD Paste - Hemp Paste - 1000mg


Our 10% Raw paste is c02 extracted organic hemp paste, this paste is unrefined entirely from the flower itself. It has a complete nutritional set from the plant. it contains many beneficial natural elements including terpenes, waxes, amino acids and fats. along side a natural array of cannabinoids. Rich in CBD and almost half of the content being the cannabinoid, making it as close to the live hemp plant as you can possibly get.

All of our CBD products are non psychoactive and will not get you high.